HOSER “Usually Crashes, Rarely Works” EP review

hoser cover2 (1)


Do not adjust your speakers: “Usually Crashes, Rarely Works,” the new EP from Philly-based band HOSER, is a fuzz-filled punk journey in just three short songs.

Opening track “Ricky the Acid King” bends and swirls around its harder roots with touches of psychedelia in its shrill guitar lines and well-placed feedback. Somewhere in the background, a keyboard swells, and it becomes apparent that this isn’t your average Punk Band. Throughout the EP, sturdy drum beats and in-your-face power chords sit alongside instrumentation all but yanked out of the late-60s garage-rock scene.

Mid-album track “Head Cheese” promotes dancing and bodily movement in a multitude of manners, from feverish foot tapping to wanting to fling yourself rhythmically around the room.

This short, but totally sweet, EP closes with “Disaster of Laq Megantic.” After a quick internet search, the most typically “punk” track on this EP turns out to actually an ode to a large-scale train accident in Quebec in 2013. It urges the listener to go back to the previous tracks and see if the same slightly dark, but very tongue-in-cheek, humor was there all along. For those of you who want to be spoiled, it’s there and it’s very well-constructed.

—Mary Redstone

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