Tentative Plans, “Still” EP review


Released April 21, 2017: https://tentativeplans.bandcamp.com/album/still-ep


Full disclosure: As a person in a two-person band, I have a deep love and appreciation for other two-person bands. That being said, this is a gorgeous EP, well thought out, delicate, roomy, dreamy.

Singer/keyboardist Cait Kellagher is precise and genuine in her vocal delivery, and the way her voice is accented with backing vocal tracks (check out “disappear”) keeps these songs flowing and ephemeral. Guitarist Chris Caulder (who runs Ousted Records in the Philly area) punctuates Kellagher’s keys with lovely guitar lines that float along nicely and add some interest and depth.

This is also clearly recorded and mastered very well–the whole thing sounds nice and clean, and everything is leveled beautifully. You can tell this band works well together and has a clear vision for what they want to accomplish and create.

Listen to this alone and daydreaming in your bedroom if you like dreamy indie-pop like Azure Ray, The Album Leaf, Memoryhouse, etc.

–Francesca Shanks

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