Weathered “Misnomer” EP review


Weathered, “Misnomer” EP (April 2017)

Misnomer, Minnesota band Weathered’s newest EP, is a vital instrument in reviving the emo scene this summer. Following Joyce Manor’s Cody and American Football’s second studio album last year (introducing emo back into the chart toppers), Misnomer is taking the genre by storm along with Sorority Noise’s You’re Not as _____ as You Think You Are, also released earlier this spring.

Originally intended to be a full-length, the band decided to release an EP after realizing they had not released new music in about a year, and that a full-length would take another year before release. Combining sleepy instrumentals with haunting lyrics and harmony, Weathered interweaves a grunge tone with intense bass riffs and crescendo-like builds.

Spiritually fueling this album are the religious allusions sprinkled throughout. Christianity is an extremely important part of the band’s life. “Jon and I are lyrically driven by our faith and upbringing. If it seems like there are a lot of Bible references it’s because that’s what we know best. We met studying to become pastors so I think that only makes sense,” says Justin (a confessional Lutheran), Weathered vocalist and guitarist.

Jon ended up transferring and switching his major while Justin decided to drop out altogether. “Our experience wasn’t bad at all, but it just wasn’t for either of us. We wanted to pursue a life in music,” Justin says, reminiscing his time at school as it brought him to his songwriting partner, Jon, and brought him closer to his faith on a personal level.

Along with religious inspiration, the band is also influenced by one another and their experiences. Especially lyrically, Justin says. “Jon and I are influenced by what we read and what we see and feel in movies and conversations.” For instance, in “Better for Me,” Justin sings “It’s always my favorite sins that do me in.” A typical conversation piece among the band and friends, they talk about how favorite sins become habitual and eventually self-justified. “A lot of the lyrics either reference specific bible verses or sermon discussions we’ve had that have really resonated with us,” Justin says, and thus Misnomer was born. Despite this, Weathered does not label themselves a Christian band. They’re just writing what they know.

Recorded with Greg Lindholm (also known for producing Tiny Moving Parts’ first and third albums), the drums were recorded at the Minneapolis Media Institute in Minnesota, a space that has also been used by by Mariah Carey, Prince, and Janet Jackson. The remainder of the album was recorded in Lindholm’s home studio, The Warming House.

The band is currently planning a full U.S. and Canada tour this year as well as recording a full-length. In preparation, jam out to Misnomer this summer. Definitely to be enjoyed alongside bands like Balance and Composure, Brand New, Household, and Sorority Noise.

–Shannon Cahill

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