Castle Black “Blind Curtain” review

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Castle Black’s new single, “Blind Curtain” comes off the line heavy as a stone slab. The guitars are deep and distorted, not heavy metal, not doom and gloom, but still forceful. As the rest of the instruments arrive the song gallops along into a driving pace. Guitarist and vocalist Leigh Celent comes in as the music articulates into a song form, unfolding some vocal melodies along the way.

There isn’t much excitement going on here; it’s a catchy, heavy rock song. Once it gets up to speed it sounds like it came from a stoner-rock honky-tonk, and driving fast with the windows down (or with no windows at all) sounds like the ideal setting for this song.

Maybe this is what they have planned all along- their previous EP, Losing Forever, developed with each track, so perhaps “Blind Curtain” will fulfill that and be one piece of an awesome music-pie.

You can find “Blind Curtain” on a limited release lathe cut record through Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.

–Jonathan Hanson

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