Tongues of Fire EP review


Tongues of Fire – Tongues of Fire EP

Tongues of Fire is a three-piece grunge-rock band from Asheville, North Carolina.  They recently released their self-titled debut EP with four tracks that clocks in just over 13 minutes.  The recording is lo-fi and sounds like it was recorded in their garage (but it’s grungy indie rock so who cares right?) and the vocals are shouty at times, almost conversational at others. The guitar leads the songs along with the distinct vocals on songs such as “Adderall” and “Sea.”

This band has a 3.8 star review on Facebook and charges $4.20 for their album online. The album is available on bandcamp along with a rough live recording of a track called “Highway.” The recording notes say the singer had bronchitis when it was recorded, lending to that raspy grunge sound. The bandcamp also has a link to a band Christian Mingle account.

–Christopher Hantman

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