TJ Foster: Q2 Top 10

As a follow up to my Q1 list, I figured I’d tackle Q2. This year has already been chock full of impressive, sometimes surprisingly so, releases. And we’re only halfway through! Here’s 10 (11, really) records I couldn’t resist from the last three months–see you again in Q3… –TJ Foster

Runner Up: Bob’s Burgers Music Album (I had to – it’s delightfully silly…)

10. Father John Misty – Pure Comedy
Recommended Track: So I’m Growing Old on Magic Mountain

9. Daydream – Enjoy Nothing
Recommended Track: Bored

8. The Wild Reeds – The World We Built
Recommended Track: Only Songs

7. Dave Depper – Emotional Freedom Technique
Recommended Track: Anytime, Anywhere

6. Lorde – Melodrama
Recommended Track: Supercut

5. New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick
Recommended Track: Call Me Anti-Social

4. Matthew Ryan – Hustle Up Starlings
Recommended Track: Battle Born

3. John Moreland – Big Bad Luv
Recommended Track: No Glory In Regret

2. Paramore – After Laughter
Recommended Track: Fake Happy

1. Jason Isbell – The Nashville Sound
Recommended Track: If We Were Vampires

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