Greet Death/Mover Shaker/Casual Decay in Troy, N.Y., July 21


Hey, real nice flier there. Superior Merchandise Co. is a great spot in Troy. All ages. $5 suggested donation (but seriously, that’s $ for touring bands, pay the $5).

From the Facebook event: 

All ages show on the back patio at Superior Merchandise Co! Featuring two great punk bands on tour from Michigan. $5 suggested donation.

Mover Shaker – Twinkly, Mathy, sometimes Dance-y Emo from Detroit. FFO: Tiny Moving Parts, Dismemberment Plan, Cap’n Jazz

Greet Death – Shoegaze / Slowcore from Flint, Michigan. They have a new album out this month that rips. FFO: Cloakroom, Nothing, Smashing Pumpkins

Casual Decay – Rare appearance of Jon Nasrallah’s solo project! Ambient / Electronic. Get there early or you’ll miss it.

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