Hast thou considered The Mighty Atom?


I have told many people that The Mighty Atom is my favorite local band, and I mean it. I like two-person bands a lot. I am amused by the fact that this two-person band is also actual twins. I am always delighted at their lyrical content. “Father Steven” is probably my fave.

It is always wonderful to see people unabashedly, unashamedly doing their own thing, and this band certainly does its own thing. That is always what I really want to see when I go to a show or otherwise experience local music: Something that obviously comes from a person (or people’s) soul, something that cannot be tempered or tamed by trends, only lightly influenced, if at all.

Please give this very unappreciated band a listen–you can also get their entire bandcamp discography, which is quite extensive, for $11.04.

–Francesca Olsen

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