Zine panel at Flywheel in Easthampton 11/1


This sounds really excellent. From the Facebook event: 

“Zines, or ‘fanzines’, have existed in various forms since the 1930s and 40s. Self published magazines on “special interests” like science fiction, books, music and movies eventually grew to encompass more complex topics during the punk era (1976-1994) like class, race, sexuality, gender, abuse, identity, and much more. Before the internet, these publications acted as a peer to peer network of like minded individuals who would hash out various issues that arose in their communities. With the explosion of zines in the last 30 years and their entrance into legitimate sources of cultural discourse and study came the establishment of zine libraries. Zine libraries take many forms (archival non-circulating, public, private, community run, state run, etc.). This panel, consisting of zine librarians and zine producers, will discuss the myriad of issues that arise when introducing zines into the library space.”

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