High Falls “Bingo” LP review

High Falls “Bingo” LP / November 2016
RIYL: Radiator Hospital, Death Cab for Cutie 

High Falls is the project of Brooklyn-based Colin Vallee, and seven-song “Bingo” is the band’s sixth (?) release, not including singles.

I feel like projects massaged and maintained by individuals, but use rotating accompaniment, often turn out well. A strong storyteller guiding a creative process can be a great thing, keep the work solid and on-theme, etc. This is reflected on “Bingo”–all these songs are Colin’s narrative, built up by kindreds Eian Kantor, Abby Krinsky and Charmaine Querol (who’s now playing in a viciously fun band called Nevva).

The HF lineup that plays on this record did a show trade with my band earlier this year and we had a grand old time. They’re good buds and have great musical chemistry, and they sound great on this recording!

You will not have a hard time relating to these songs; my favorite is “Fantasy,” a simple and declarative song whose refrain goes “I’m a fantasy. I’m a fucking fantasy. Don’t leave your boyfriend for me.” Nothing fancy, just tension and direction. Go listen!

–Francesca Olsen

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