Listen to me these singles three: Prateek, Evvergreen, Roman Jones


DWP doesn’t really review singles–it’s just hard to write a lot about one song and we prefer to cover albums and EPs. But there are many, many good single releases in this world, and I’d hate to just ignore them. So comes a new, semi-regular series: Listen to me these singles three, a nerdy culling of very nice music sent to the DWP inbox. We begin with an assortment of varied, beautiful tunes by Prateek, Evvergreen, and Roman Jones.

Prateek “Emma”

A very beautiful folk tune by a songwriter nominated by Red Line Roots as one of Boston’s best for 2017. Catch him in Portland, Maine on Dec. 8 or in Boston on Dec. 23.

Evvergreen “Doubt”

Evvergreen is a hard-working band fronted by Margaret Uhalde; “Doubt” is a classy alternative tune that’s relatable and precise, with a great guitar solo. See Evvergreen Dec. 9 in Prattsville, NY, or Dec. 17 at Rice House in Albany, NY.

Roman Jones “In The End”

Heavy electric protest via a well-known Berkshire photographer. According to Jones himself, “A song about our fragile planet, monster corporations, the war machine, and bank greed.” I don’t think Roman has upcoming show dates but you should ask him to play if you like this song.

–Francesca Olsen

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