Jaynie Crash and the Tall Men “We Like What You Got: Live at the Woodshed” LP review


Jaynie Crash and the Tall Men “We Like What You Got: Live at the Woodshed”
RIYL: Dropkick Murphys, Meatloaf, the Distillers

This is a live recording made during the inaugural Folk n’ Punk Fest in Sodus, N.Y. At the end of the second track, “Livin’ in Missouri,” someone in the crowd goes, “Your voice is beautiful, holy shit!”

“Thank you,” responds Danielle Komarek, the Jaynie of Jaynie Crash. “I owe it all to Pall Mall Menthols.”

When I played with this band in May, I was also struck by Danielle’s awesome talent, but also her general awesomeness. She does not give a SHIT and it is AMAZING. Her voice IS beautiful, and SHE is beautiful. She is a beautiful battering ram. She exudes power and confidence. She sways from tough and dirty to crystal-clear and delicate with ease and exuberance. I’m into it.

Her band mate, Eric Foster, is a scene angel who created the Folk n’ Punk Fest after setting up a show that attracted a lot of requests to play. Later on in the recording, you can hear another person yell “Folk punk mom and dad, WE LOVE YOU!”

“This release is a memento from (that festival),” Eric wrote me when I put out a call for DWP content. “It’s a warts, hums, squeals, dogs, and all testament to a wonderful day. This show wasn’t recorded with the intent of releasing it, but we so enjoyed listening back to the fun everyone was having, that it only seemed appropriate. Like the day itself, it’s a little chaotic and messy, but ultimately a lot of fun! DIY as it should be!”

Listening to this record makes you feel like part of that love fest, and makes you want to get up to the next one by any means necessary. You should probably go ahead and do that. You can see this very hardworking band in the meantime, though–they keep their FB events section nice and tidy. Go take a look.

–Francesca Olsen

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