Frances Dean “Unscratchable Bitch” EP review


Frances Dean “Unscratchable Bitch”  / November 2017
RIYL: The Distillers, The Menzingers, Danzig

Frances Dean, a rock band from NY state, presents a three-song EP titled Unscratchable Bitch in which they combine 90s grunge with a contemporary grit. The three songs, all sounding distinctly different from one another, follow a similar verse and chorus structure that make the songs easy to learn and sing along to.

Taking advantage of sleepy-slurred vocals by incorporating the strain and gravel associated with the grunge bands of the ’90s such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains, Frances Dean utilizes brief pauses and short, fun riffs that repeated throughout the songs add a bounciness akin to early pop-punk like Green Day and Blink-182. The diverse musical influences presented in this EP make it a great bop-along. My only wish is that it had been released in late spring to gear up for summer car ride jams.

Although the EP dropped in November of 2017, there’s plenty of time to grab your copy from bandcamp, like them on Facebook, and catch them at their next show.

–Shannon Cahill

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