Review: Summer’s June “Drag Along” EP


Summer’s June, Drag Along  / August 2017
RIYL: Slowdive, Beach House 

Dream pop band Summer’s June only have three songs to their name on Bandcamp, but that obviously means more to come. The New Jersey-based trio, consisting of Vincent Medina, Steven Dodge, and Luke Lehner, compose their music perfectly, but the lyrics, well, are difficult to hear.

Not to overshadow their music abilities, but one thing a listener wants to listen to is the lyrics, and for Summer’s June, that’s slightly difficult unless you have the lyrics open in front of you.

Their collective, Drag Along, opens with “Crime and Punishment,” but it’s kind of hard to understand what exactly the crime is. All the songs sound similar to each other, with that
dream pop feel, but there are differences between each one. When reading the lyrics on their Bandcamp site, there’s cheesy rhyming that cannot be missed. Reading it aloud, it’s hard to take it seriously, but reading it along with the song, it works.

–Emma Monahan

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