Premiere: TJ Foster “An Ode to My Twenties” single

Poor TJ is so melancholy about turning 30! He shouldn’t be, but I guess I’m OK with it, because his catharsis allows him to make beautiful songs and reach into the tender and important parts of his soul.

TJ has a storied musical history (he is currently part of the adorable and excessively talented Albany-area folk band Darling Valley) and he is a writer for this site (send folk and pop-punk and post-hardcore for him to review). So I am super happy to premiere this single on DWP.

There’s more to come, too. “My tendency for “existential crises” was (is) at an all time high,” he said in a personal post sharing this single earlier today. “So, I quietly did the only thing I know how to do: I wrote a record about it. Two records, actually. More on that later.” Good news.

–Francesca Olsen

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