Stream the new Immune Friction EP, “Coping with Insurmountable Fear”

Immune Friction are a two-person grunge/punk band who live in Bennington, Vt., which is close to North Adams, where I live. They are really nice people and they make and play music with a furious passion. Also, as a member of a two-person band (not a duo, fuck the word “duo”) I am partial to elevating the work of other two-person bands.

“Coping with Insurmountable Fear” is an eight-track EP, which I like because I get a lot of EPs that are only two songs.

This EP was recorded live in Troy, N.Y., which is also pretty cool. Immune Friction play a lot around here–check their events page for listings. Generally, particularly for their local shows, they curate a pretty cool evening.

–Francesca Olsen

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