Sleepovers, “Heartbreak High” EP review

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Sleepovers “Heartbreak High”  / March 9, 2018
RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975

London-based band Sleepovers debut EP Heartbreak High won’t officially be released until March 9, but the anticipation will be worth it. Described as lo-fi slacker pop, but with more of a rock side to it, the five piece band is showing what they got.

Consisting of four songs, it’s just not enough. With influences from their personal experiences throughout the last few months as a band, Sleepovers’ opener on the EP, “Good Sides”, could be a summer anthem for those who also like Arctic Monkeys and an old school The 1975.

“I Luv U” shows the sensitive side of the band, singer Alfie Smith expressing his feelings in an almost cliché like way, but that doesn’t matter. The song is catchy, rhythmic, and easily likeable.

Smith gives a perfect example of the album in a press release sent to DWP: “It was a period in my life where I was in-between jobs and met a little trouble maker who stole my heart and confused my head. The struggle was documented throughout this EP and opened up a brighter, clearer and cleaner future.”


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