Listen to Me These Singles Three: Wallace, Nat Harvie Trio, Why Not

Wallace “Sunny Monday”

A nice one from Philly band Wallace. At a time when it’s in vogue to sing like a tiny baby (WHICH CAN STILL BE FINE, DON’T @ ME), it’s nice to hear a deep, robust female voice too.

Nat Harvie Trio “Nat Harvie’s Birthday”

I got sucked into this first listen. Great lyrics, great tone and mood…this just hits me in the right place. Listen to the whole record if you can. Might end up writing more about this sometime. From Duluth, Minnesota. 

Why Not “Pink Hat”

Another Minnesota band. I should go out there. They call it “math punk” which is a fine description. Nice droney start.

–Francesca Olsen

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