Zine cut-and-tape-a-thon in North Adams April 28-May 6


COME ON. You’re always complaining about how hard it is to make friends, aren’t you? (It’s actually super easy to make friends in my experience but I see this a lot). Go to this zine-a-thon in North Adams and meet some high-level kindreds. From the FB event: 

In celebration of ArtWeek, join soft-boiled zines for a hands-on cut-and-tape-a-thon! For nine days, soft-boiled will occupy a storefront in North Adams that will be a makerspace, zine library, and gallery. There will be tape, scissors, various stickers, and other paper materials that will be at YOUR disposal for creation. soft-boiled will have a small library of zines to peruse and will also curate a selection of zines made throughout the week to be on display. 

This event is free, or if participants choose, for $5 they can have their publication digitized and will receive two printed copies.

Sounds awesome, constructive and tangible. Love it.

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