The Roof Dogs “Are Too Cool” EP review


The Roof Dogs / Are Too Cool  / April 28, 2018
RIYL: Joyce Manor, Wallows, Modern Baseball

The Roof Dogs stand out in their own unique way, with their four-piece, indie rock band hinting at influences of folk and old-school rock. Not the classic indie rock most people listen to, the difference is a good thing.

Columbus, Ohio, natives have gone from basement shows to putting out their first full EP Are Too Cool this past Saturday, and also supporting acts such as SHAME, Chris Farren, and Vundabar.

Their single “Stuart Hughes (And All his Blues)” reminds you of a classic indie song from a college themed movie, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s DIY at its finest. “Negative Energy,” the opening song on the EP, starts out slow, like a Joyce Manor song, an appropriate intro for a debut. “Can’t believe what’s coming around/Can’t believe what’s coming down/Can’t you see what’s coming up/There’s something there.” “Negative Energy” sets the whole tone for the EP.

The folk/indie side of The Roof Dogs comes out in “Cool Song.” Sounding almost like a Beatles song, there’s still a hint of their own sound, with an electric guitar and slightly heavy riff. The Roof Dogs need to expand their touring out of Ohio, because they would obviously impress the DIY community.

–Emma Monahan

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