Low Ceilings “Least Favored Painting” EP review

Low Ceilings / Least Favored Painting / May 1, 2018
RIYL: The Past, Freud, Therapy, Cocktail Wieners

Low Ceilings’ music is like a nice cocktail wiener; heady and philosophical lyrics wrapped in a tight folk presentation. Great for parties, and maybe sometimes a snack.

Ben Mueller has a knack for taking wordy and thoughtful lyrics and finding the right melody line to serve them. The song Heavy Homily is the best example of this with lines like “Speaking of avoidable decline / Painting all the pointillism in your mind / Sucking all the joy we give / Heavy homily, derivative.”

“Heavy Homily” also happens to be my favorite track on this record, bearing elements of Led Zeppelin, and the Who.

–Colin Vallee

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