Century Thief “Deaf Beneath the Waves” EP review


Century Thief / Deaf Beneath the Waves / May 4, 2018
RIYL: Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley

“Trash lounge-folk prog rock”, an apt description of Century Thief by a sound engineer in Montreal, is influenced by Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Wilco and Elliot Smith. Arcade Fire is also another band that should be added to that list, and if you are a fan of Arcade Fire, then Century Thief will hit that sweet spot for you.

The three tracks this band presents are a well controlled strip tease. Which is exactly the way to go with presenting music; it’s just enough mystery to get me hooked. Deaf Beneath The Waves is beautifully recorded, and the effort that this band put into the recording process can be heard through all the tracks. “406,” “You are here,” and “Science of Solace” are clean-cut little gems.

“You are here” is ambient, a sculpted soundscape perfect for putting you into an introspective mood. The guitar work and clear beat invokes a bit of a waltz, which if this was picked up for an indie film, this song would be used for the sad part where the lovers part.

“Science of Solace” is shift from the first two tracks, and it is a pleasant surprise. A celebration of “what are we,” the sweet confusion of a new passion. Again, the guitar work and use of other voices really brings this track together. A good song to take on a hike with you, because it is a sunshine song.

All and all, Century Thief’s EP Deaf Beneath The Waves is a beautiful piece of love and nostalgia wrapped together in three tracks. This Toronto six-piece is a band to keep an eye on. After this EP, their work is sure to blow people away.

–Maeve McCullough

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