Listen to me these singles three: Marcelyn, Declan O’Donovan, The Hollow Ends

Marcelyn “Elephant in the Room”

This is a song about ambivalence and learning to love yourself, and it’s really nice, with a bit of a Nana Grizol feeling and a beautiful resolution. Marcelyn is coming to the South Street Cafe June 25 with A Day Without Love.

Declan O’Donovan “Hank”

This song is billed as “loosely based on an urban legend about a promiscuous Hank Williams,” and it swells in a really fun way. O’Donovan is from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

The Hollow Ends “Bears in Mind”

Nice track that’s a little reminiscent of The Shins’ more uptempo tracks. The Hollow Ends is based in St. Louis, Mo.

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