Frankly Lost “Boys” LP review


Frankly Lost, Boys, April 2018
RIYL: Mountain Goats, Nana Grizol, Kimya Dawson

“I guess I’ll just keep doing this till it kills me.” These words are displayed across the top of the new album Boys by Philadelphia’s Frankly Lost. By the sound of this album, it seems like he will be “doing this” for a long time, as this album comes across even healthier and more energetic than previous releases.

It has been wonderful to hear the progression throughout Frank’s career, while he still maintains the DIY ethos one establishes by living in his van and playing his songs to anyone who will listen. A million-dollar recording wouldn’t fit his aesthetic anyway, but the clarity, mix, added instrumentation and songwriting is all stepped up from earlier releases. Bass player Mark Rotondo leads the recording process and added the bells and whistles (literally, in some cases!).

Frankly Lost specializes in imagery and metaphor. “Long Pig” is an upbeat folk-punk song that enters the realm of facetiousness in describing a “noble cannibal” disposing of rapists and fascists, with the added benefit of never paying for food. On the flip side, “Don Quixote” is self-reflective in comparing Frank’s own battles with the road and attempts to “relive what never was” with the original story.  The song is self-damning, yet somehow optimistic, and for me is the highlight of the album.

Frank is a king of DIY and is widely regarded as one of the most sincere people in the scene. He created the artwork, played six different instruments, self-released the album and is doing the promotion. He is tireless in his efforts to get his music heard and to help the DIY scene however possible.

–Eric Foster

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