Premiere: Space Heater “We Want to Believe” LP

Space Heater / We Want to Believe / June 23, 2018
RIYL: Pop-electro mashups, space travel

These are the kinds of articles I run DWP for–there are some veins of weird that I just absolutely love, that come from a place of such originality and vision that they are set apart from the madding crowd by those virtues alone. This is one of these things.

This Space Heater record is so weird, and is done so elegantly; it’s a reflection of the two people that created it and their complete embracing of their own weirdness, their own weird niche interests, their own weird hearts. This alone has value–it’s a reminder to follow your own path, which is a reminder we as creators all need from time to time.

This is a crunchy-electro concept album with wide open space, a little narrative with lots of echo, and some really nice beats. I’ve seen this live and it doesn’t disappoint–there are homemade helmets, yes, and space person costuming, which seems both necessary and enriching. Impressively, Space Heater recreate this pretty accurately live (I believe I remember a laptop being part of the setup) in both sound and level of energy. My fave is “Dance or Death,” which opens with some spoken word: “OK, so, here’s the deal…now listen closely what I say. If you want to live, you better dance this way. …if you get this wrong your insides will melt and all these people will die.”

Self-billed as “Dark sci-fi pop,” Space Heater is based in Providence and you can see them at the release show for this record, June 23 at News Cafe in Pawtucket.

–Francesca Olsen


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