Babe Fest 2! in Albany June 30


It’s a benefit show! There’s free vegan food! The Albany All-Starts Roller Derby will be there! It’s a big thing in Albany celebrating the not-just-men music-makers of the area! It’s pay what you can! It’s at the Albany Social Justice Center on June 30. Is there anything else I need to say about this to motivate you to go? There’s a little clip from the FB event below. Maybe that will help.

Seriously, if you go to shows to support the scene and/or support marginalized people within it, this is a must-attend. Here’s a link to the FB event as well, which is nicely organized and has a link to listen to every band.

BABE FEST is an inclusive, intersectional feminist celebration of women and non-men of the Capital Region and all of the awesome things they’re doing. This year will be an all-day event featuring live music, art, poetry, tabling from local organizations, and more!

This is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT/CAN show and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds! All proceeds will be going to IN OUR OWN VOICES, an amazing local organization that’s been working for LGBTQ POC in the Capital Region for over two decades! Find out more about them and their work here:
And like their page here:

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