Video Premiere: COMPs, “Out of Bounds”

I’m a sucker for this kind of lo-fi indie sound. COMPs, a newish band on Flesh & Bone Records of Chicago, is releasing this video today for “Out of Bounds,” which appears on their July 13 release, Life As A Baller. That’s actually being released on cassette soon, and you can preorder it at this link.

unnamedReaders of this blog also know I love a lo-fi video project because it’s proof positive that spending a ton of money on a video is not a person’s only option. From the artist: “The video was shot the day of a gig in Grand Rapids (Michigan) using a couple of VHS-C cameras. I drove to Grand Rapids from Ann Arbor in the morning so we could get all the footage we needed. it’s mostly shots of us chilling all day than a bit of footage from the gig itself. we had a great time making it and hopefully, that comes across in the video.” Great aesthetic, great frugality, lovely sound.

COMPs has had some legit shows lately, including opening slots for GobblinJr. and Horse Jumper of Love. The band will be on tour in July–I included their tour flier in this post. And here’s a link to the band’s FB page because that stuff is still important. Go see them!

–Francesca Olsen


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