Honeyfitz “Cutting Your Hair” EP review


Honeyfitz / Cutting Your Hair / June 29, 2018
RIYL: Porches, Told Slant, Elvis Depressedly, Emotions, Rain, Animals Getting Adopted

Editor’s note: Honeyfitz will be in North Adams, Mass., July 9 opening for Kimya Dawson

I was talking to a friend last night. Been insecure cause life is just whatever it decides to be from time to time. He was telling me that the scariest thing for a writer to look at is a blank page, and I think he was on to something.

Honeyfitz is currently playing through my work computer and asking me to “salvage the time you have, and hope to never waste your time again.” Standard bleak self-reflection, but it’s this kind of hopeful hopelessness that keeps the Honeyfitz tracks on Cutting Your Hair grounded.

Let me warn you, this music isn’t necessarily gonna make you feel better about anything. It’s music to commiserate with when you’re feeling down. These are the kind of tunes that can remind you of the fact that we’re are all humans terrified of being alive, but we should just keep going because that page can’t stay blank forever.

Sometimes, we can all be paralyzed by the fact that life and its possibilities are limitless, but if things seem bad it’s because they’re not over yet. An act as simple as cutting your own hair can provide enough change to get the ball rolling. Just write/do/say/think/move and things will fall into place around you.

“Sit Quiet” is the ~Track To Sad Jam To~ on the Cutting Your Hair EP.

–Colin Vallee

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