Gryzzle “Opus 421” LP review


Gryzzle / Opus 421 / May 2018
RIYL: Remi, Busdriver

When I saw this submission I was elated. I have been following Gryzzle for a few months ever since I saw them on a friend’s snap story and loved their sound.  I had only heard a few samples and videos but I knew to expect something unique and groovy; Opus 421 didn’t disappoint.

Gryzzle is a septet from Harrisonburg, Va.  Their album is 10 tracks long and clocks in at just around 45 minutes. Their work transcends genre and is pure fusion with funk and jazz instrumentals and hip hop vocals that often crescendo into a rage against the machine-esque emotion-filled hip-hop thing of beauty.  While there are times when the singing can fall flat, nothing is auto-tuned and authenticity is honored.

“Lascivious” and “Bear Country” were my standout favorites; though the latter can be a bit on the long side, it is worth the listen.

–Christopher Hantman

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