Listen to me these singles three: Aubrey Haddard, Bad Western, The Mountain Carol

Hi! DWP doesn’t really review singles–it’s just hard to write a lot about one song and we prefer to cover albums and EPs. But there are many, many good single releases in this world, and I’d hate to just ignore them. Here we go!

Aubrey Haddard “What I Need Now”

Aubrey Haddard is based in Boston and this is a track from her debut solo album. I am SURE she is tired of people comparing her voice to Amy Winehouse’s. This is a really guitar-driven song and it’s got a lot of nice guitar ambience on it, reminiscent of Madeline Kenney.

Bad Western “Sainte Something”

Bad Western is a Toronto, Ontario-based band. This is a nice, earnest track that sounds nice and clean, nice arrangement, with sort of a Gordon Downie vibe (<3 RIP). I’m really not just saying that because they live in Canada.

The Mountain Carol “The Party’s Over”

Nice shimmery synths on here from The Mountain Carol of Saranac, N.Y. This is a nice track that reminds me of a slower New Order song. I like the riff that’s repeated through here too.

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