Humble Digs at The Log Aug. 24


Humble Digs are no strangers the Berkshires – partly thanks to their nearby home base of Amherst, but mostly due to their infectious, good-time tunes and fun-fueled live shows.

They make their return to the area this Friday at the Log in Williamstown, their first foray back since their Design Lab show last October. The show is free for all ages and starts at 9 p.m. Come early, stay later, grab a beer or a bite to eat, but most importantly have a good time.

Digital Wheat Paste recently had the pleasure of reviewing their latest release, A Portrait of Grace, calling it a “a tender, gorgeous, and romantic record.” Between slick guitar licks, dreamy drum hooks, and heartfelt lyrics, there is sure to be something exciting for any type of music fan.

–Mary Redstone

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