Amy Darling “Rock n’ Roll Woman” EP review


Amy Darling / Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman / August 24, 2018
RIYL: Grace Potter, Joan Jett, The Donnas, The Regrettes

Amy Darling is more than just a sweet songstress with a new EP and a killer wardrobe.

With the release of Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman, Darling and her band solidify themselves as an equal contender in the race to Bring Back Rock ‘n’ Roll (for those who’ve claimed it died one of a hundred times). For those who believe rock never actually went anywhere, it will still totally blow you away.

The opening track may be titled “Candy,” but this isn’t some saccharine-sweet pop song – and neither is anything else in her repertoire. In fact, Candy is the name of a woman “who looks like she is born to lose,” who moved to the city to become a movie star and ended up in a different, more adult profession. This isn’t exactly Top 40 love song material, and that’s what makes it so great.

Every track stands as a testament to the power of women who dare to rock – obviously, the title track included. While the instrumentation sounds like it could have come from the balls-to-the-wall, Rod-Stewart-led pinnacle of 70’s rock ‘n’ roll, the addition of a female powerhouse like Darling’s sets apart, and ahead, of the rest of the style. Among the wailing guitar solos, demanding horn section, and heavy drum beats, there are enough elements to keep Darling out of the “generic rock and roll” bin.

She can croon and smoothly slide around notes – like in the beautiful Americana-influenced ballad “Flip the Bird” – but then she can kick down the door of her vocal chords and give the other rock-n-rollers a run for their money. Check out “Jamie” to see for yourself just how powerful she can get.

If you’re someone who is into the aesthetics of a band as much as the music, Amy Darling will not disappoint. Her Instagram (@amydarlingmusic) is a vintage-lover’s dream, just like her music, and you’ll fall in love with her style as hard as you’ll fall in love with her music.

The EP is out now on all streaming platforms. Head over to her Facebook to see where she’s playing near you.

–Mary Redstone

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