The Favourite

*THERES A SPOILER IN MY BOOT* (spoilers ahead y’all)

A fun, chilling look at the indulgent royal elite in 18th century England. I read a review that said The Favourite champions feminism by painting the three women as shrewd, crass, and ruthless. That they are, but in the end, Sarah must flee the country, never to speak to her lifelong friend (and sometimes lover), while Abigail and Anne remain bound, or perhaps trapped together. What a final scene!

Meanwhile, Harley slunk around the entire film, leeching information from Abigail and taking advantage of Anne’s disinterest in politics until she declares him Prime Minister. Had his behavior reached a similar poetically just ending as his female peers, which it didn’t, I would concede the film effectively champions women. Or maybe it does for exactly that reason: women can be just as indulgent and gross as men have always been, but in the end it’s the women alone who must atone for their sins.

~ Shelly Rose ~

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