Sneaks – Highway Hypnosis

Sneaks (Eva Moolchan) caught my eye when she first released her self-titled tape-turned-LP (later renamed Gymnastics) and I’ve been anxious and excited about her existence ever since. She’s unlike any artist I can name right now and that’s a pretty big feat in today’s overrun instafamous YouTube ridden world.

When I initially previewed Highway Hypnosis I was a little disappointed. All I heard was A Completely Different Sound in terms of backing tracks and autotune and I couldn’t get into it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t give it a chance.

As I kept listening, however, I realized there’s so much variety and originality and pureness, not to mention the album eventually partially shifts to her old sound and it made me feel at home again. “And We’re Off” gives me little nods to early Hole, as well as early Sneaks, and I can’t get enough of it. Those short bursts of bass guitar do something to me I can’t explain. I can also hear hints of what could be long lost M.I.A. tracks. But I’m also so happy Eva ultimately tried something new and it honestly works out so well — combining the concept of growth while simultaneously showcasing how all she’s doing is being herself.

I already want another release, but I suppose that’s just me succumbing to the tragedy of being a part of the human race, flawed in my entirety, always wanting more, nothing will ever be enough, etc. 🙂

I love you, Sneaks.


Personal faves: Addis and Money Don’t Grow on Trees

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