Yawners – Just Calm Down

Today’s been a productive day – I called off work to sit next to my dog, eat a peanut butter bagel and listen to Just Calm Down in its entirety, over and over. Not to be confused with laziness and poor work ethic, this day is about doing things I love that I’ve been putting off, and mostly I’m just sharing how important I think that is for well-being and a healthy brain.

It’s unsettling to know a band has existed for 4 years and just now getting the recognition they deserve. Yawners reminds me of everything I miss about Lemuria and Forth Wanderers and is the ultimate end result of what could have happened if change wasn’t so evident and typically imminent.

Described on Bandcamp as feeling “like [having] a crush”, I couldn’t have put it into better words.

This album makes me want to get to know it better. I want to take it everywhere with me and let it tell me its story. I want to buy it dinner and hope that it will continue to talk to me tomorrow.

I feel like I’ve made a new friend and I can’t tell if that’s the sad state of my life right now or if that’s just how good this album is.

All-natural, no frills, and unpretentious, Yawners lays it all out for you to interpret however you wish.

Highlight tracks: Please, Please, Please, Right or Wrong, Arco Iris


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