Anders Rhedin – Kyoto Window

video for his first single, “Equilibrium”

Anders Rhedin, the man behind the Avant-Pop project, Dinner, has been working on something for a while that I think will be very beneficial for the current state of our planet.

His new series, Kyoto Window, sounds like the stripped down, mellowed out b-side to his 80’s dance home base; simple, ethereal, and meditative music to filter out all other noise happening in your brain. Kyoto Window is a neutralizing affair, bringing you to the center after being so imbalanced, musically and otherwise.

Taken from his facebook:
“My mind is very, very busy – like it’s constantly a little overheated. And when it gets too overheated it spends most of its energy worrying and obsessing – mostly about controlling every aspect of life instead of just letting go and drifting along on the wonderful currents of existence.”
He goes on… ”The places in life where I feel most at ease is at meditation retreats or doing some activity that’s aimed towards cooling down the mind and the nervous system. This has all been very helpful in me becoming less and less of an asshole – towards myself and towards others and towards the universe in general.”

This recent post is an example of what to expect from these upcoming releases, which will be more as something to listen to while you sit with yourself and attempt to regain a sense of loss I think is inherent in our society.

Perhaps we can all agree that, more often than not, our environment proves to be way too hectic. No matter how firm the earth we stand on is, there will always be some irrefutable ground collapsing beneath us, ready to take us away with it at any given time.

Officially released Today(!) onCaptured Tracks as a cassette series, Kyoto Window may not be on your Songs to Sing in the Car playlist, but it will definitely give you something to think about.

Dinner –Un-American Girl
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