Rosalía – A Palé

Is Rosalía trying to kill us all?

Featured in the new wave of mostly awful music I can’t get 15 seconds into, out sprouts Rosalía, who makes me feel sick in a different kind of way. A Palé is one of those songs that enters your bloodstream and makes you think you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.

Rosalía is what the world didn’t know it needed, because it’s drowning in the ‘Tones and I’ & ‘Post Malone’ sinkholes of the music industry.

I’ve severely lost touch with new artists and music in general, but this song brought me back to life. Or at least, brought me to the sliver I skipped over because I skipped over all music altogether.

I have to make the rest of this post about how much you really need to listen to her first album, Los Ángeles, also.

If Rosalía is what death feels like, I wouldn’t mind it.

What I’m trying to say here is – Thank you, Rosalía. Thank you for everything.


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