Zulu – My People… Hold On

This year has been hell. Does it feel better to write out something so obvious? To make physical, a feeling that is already universally being felt. 2021 isn’t looking up just yet.

That being said, I always forget how certain music, certain bands, give me hope. The bands who make me remember what I liked about going to shows so much, the bands who bring back life in me that I didn’t realize was so far gone.

Somehow I missed the first release from Zulu, unfortunately drowning in my radar of shitstorm releases that came out last year. It was possibly around the same time I gave up searching for new hardcore music and told myself I’ll Never Look Back, 2020 New Year New Me, and then 2020 happened.

This album, this band, is so fucked up good, not to mention there is truly an underrepresentation of black people in hardcore music. I’ve gotten goosebumps every time I listen to this EP, it’s super heavy and emotional and needs to be heard by anyone NFFO: Turnstile or Nails or Knocked Loose because can we please talk about any other band?

But, I suppose I can just tell you to watch this music video and make your own opinion about them. I do have to preface it with: If you don’t like them, you’re wrong.


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