Ona Snop – Intermittent Damnation

What does it feel like when every single person on earth wastes an entire year all at the same time? But really when you think about it, what made 2020 any different than any other year filled with Shit That Didn’t Get Done. My favorite part of the new year is when it feels exactly like the old year.

Anyway u can sit there and think about that stuff, I’ll be over here writing about Ona Snop and why I love grindcore and how it’s the only kind of music that doesn’t make me cry and how it makes me feel like I’ve melted into a different dimension, probably the proper dimension I was intended to live in but I can’t be too mad because grass is always greener???

Ona Snop is so good, it won’t help you turn your brain off because you will just have to sit there wondering “how does someone even make music that sounds like this”, but I think it has a 9/10 chance of distracting you for the length of the album (19 minutes and 34 seconds). ALSO look at that GD album cover!!!!!

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