SubFamily Records announces new comp out today

Editor’s note: I am super stoked to see that SubFamily Records is putting out this comp and doing some DIY heavy lifting in NY’s Hudson Valley (where I originally became a scene kid). The bands featured on SFR 101 are all great, experienced, established musicians, and every single one of them is worth a deep listen. SFR 101 is out today–go like the label’s Facebook page and give it a listen on bandcamp too. -Francesca

From the label’s press release:

SubFamily Records is pleased as heck to announce the release of SFR 101, a sampler of new songs from seven SFR artists: American Film History, Mark Donato, Hiding Behind Sound, Macrofone, Peter Naddeo, Battle Ave., and The Sweet Clementines. Five of these tracks serve as singles in advance of full-length SFR releases scheduled for 2018.

SFR is a brand new collective-style label founded by a circle of friends and experienced musical collaborators in New York’s mid-Hudson valley (Kingston, New Paltz, Woodstock, Beacon, Hudson). We formed SFR because four of our number had complete, labor-of-love records “in the can,” and a fifth had one well along the way. The records are really good, but we shared a lot of uncertainty about what to even do with them anymore. The decision to join forces—to release and support each other’s music—was a happy one. It felt like the right move at the right time for us all.

About SubFamily Records  

The first thing you might notice about the SFR roster of songwriters, players and audio professionals is that it is an incestuous little closed loop of mid-Hudson valley (NY) music scene stalwarts, rearranging themselves under rotating leadership like kids in a costume shop. It is, in fact, even more insular than it appears. But this, we argue, is a feature not a bug. The SFR relationships run long and deep.   

The primary purpose of SFR is simple: We have five good records for you to check out in spaced intervals across the calendar year of 2018, and dreams of many more. We know there is a lot of music out there. We know it is easy to be jaded and hard to be excited. We hope that our sampler SFR 101 will inspire you to tune into the SFR feed as it unfolds.

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