Mythical Motors “The Life Stage” LP review


Mythical Motors “The Life Stage” / December 2017
RIYL: The Who, Guided by Voices

Difficult to pinpoint a specific genre on Chattanooga, Tenn., band Mythical Motors, a millennial’s opinion on the 10-year-old band may be something along the lines of “something my parents would like.”

Recently releasing their 10th album, The Life Stage, Mythical Motors definitely show the musical talent that they’ve perfected over the years. The band’s description of itself as “Too pretty for punk, too punk for pop,” is highly correct, their sound seeming to range from rock to pop, some sounds of country dropping in once in a while, and then all the way back again.

The Life Stage consist of 26 songs, ranging from synth-pop keyboards (“Over-thinker’s Union”), to hard electric guitars (“Drug Star”). The opening song, “Resurgence of Seers,” brings in that country vibe that could also be considered rock to some. The differences between the two genres are obvious, but if you’ve grown up listening to one or the other, that’ll stand out in a Mythical Motors song.

Although their music doesn’t impress a 21-year-old, that doesn’t mean it won’t impress others. With years of experience under their belt, the respect that they acclaim is what helps them stand out. Their specific sound and dedication is what really matters in the end.

–Emma Monahan

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