Video Premiere: Adrian Aardvark, “Young Pharaohs and Horses”

I love this band. This is a nice band. You might remember they headlined my DWP anniversary show. I’m really happy to premiere their new video for “Young Pharaohs and Horses” and tell you that they’re releasing a full-length album on April 20 called Dying Optimistically.

This is a creative, easygoing video, crisp and colorful, and it features an older gentleman in a gold lamé cape. In the water. And there’s more. Look at it as soon as you possibly can.

Based in Plattsburgh, N.Y., AA does a great job blending the deadly serious and the absolutely ludicrous. Their sound has shades of ’90s no-wave (one of my fave genres), general folk-punk attitude, and…something extra special I can’t quite place. They say it best in their band bio: “a unique brand of rock and roll that is highly energetic, completed with costumes, theatrics,introspective lyrics, and solid grooves.”

When I have seen AA live, I’ve been struck by the way they hold space for each other during their performance. They all have this sense of dignity and peace on their faces as they lock in. Everything seems to be performed to its absolute fullest. I feel like this is really a band where everybody is holding each other up to the light, and it’s beautiful.  You can even see it in little parts of this video.

There are 1,000 other things I could tell you about AA, but I’ll stick to the important stuff for now: Epifo Music will release Dying Optimistically digitally on April 20. A limited-edition vinyl edition will be available online at the band’s website and at shows.

–Francesca Olsen

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