The Dancing Dead “Terminals” LP review


The Dancing Dead / Terminals / June 19, 2018
RIYL: Explosions in the Sky (Band), This Will Destroy You (Band), Heavy things like emotions or furniture, The act of waking up in the morning 

Lincoln, Nebraska, natives The Dancing Dead make some cool sounds.

When they groove into that reverb and delay for their long instrumental compositions I get some heavy early Explosions in the Sky vibes. I also really dig that the vocals aren’t ever at the front of these mixes. Not that the vocals aren’t good, they’re just smartly layered in a way where they become another part of the soundscape. A dash of purple in the sunset on the horizon.

Ryan Matthiessen wrote to DWP, “We have been casually playing shows around Lincoln and figuring out who we are as a band for 3-4 years now and have finally finished our first full length album Terminals.”

The real standout track for me here is “No Input Signal.” It leans in heavy on those door-creaking, washed out guitar tones, which sit on my ears like a weighted blanket.

Available wherever you get your music these days.

–Colin Vallee


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