Living Hour – Softer Faces

The sun is out today for the first time in a while and I think it’s on the same cycle as my mood. Purely coincidental is my guess, but that’s just as valid as an opinion anyway. It’s easy to forget you’re in control of yourself when you’re surrounded by everyone else. The feeling of finally being able to focus after days/weeks/months of living because you have to is almost illusory.

This album sounds like where my head was a few days ago – lost in itself, monotone in its overall perception, though somehow still alive and going through the motion.

Living Hour is as if Beach House and Forth Wanderers came together for three good songs and then became bored of each other but recorded the rest of the album anyway. But those ‘three good songs’ are Really Really Good.

It’s not negative whatsoever – it’s all subjective to whoever is perceiving it and I think that goes without saying for all things, music especially.

I’m going to enjoy this day.

Highlights: Hallboy, Bottom Step, and Water


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